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Well shaped brows are in! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to draw on the same shape everyday! I have the best solution for you. maintenance-free, beautiful brows!

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This is a treatment that involves tattooing a light black line of pigment across the lash-line. It’s a more subtle version of an eyeliner tattoo with a more natural finish.

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Lip color is meant to enhance and define your lips. Part of the process is to outline the border of the lips, it does help to give the appearance that they are fuller.

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Corrective Work

Did you get a bad permanent makeup service? I can fix that for you! Please come in for a free consultation so I can see what I’m working with and how best to correct it for you!

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PMU Artist

Bren Husher

I’m Bren Husher, I’m a licensed Esthetician and certified cosmetic tattoo artist. I’ve been practicing for over 17 years and am double certified. I specialize in a technique called “powder brow” or “Ombre brow”. This technique utilizes a machine with 1 needle instead of a blade. No blades means a softer appearance and NO trauma to the skin like blades can cause. Unlike blading this can be used on all skin types and has a much faster healing time. “Powder brow” or “Ombre brow” creates a soft pixelated look simulating the appearance of a powder filled brow. This technique also retains more color than blading and requires LESS need for touchups.

Bren is amazing! She’s now done my eyeliner, eyebrows and my lips. She really does the best permanent makeup in Denver!

Kristine Eckley

I can’t recommend Painted Lady Pigments enough! Bren is effortlessly professional, easy going, lightning fast, and remarkably light-handed.
Jodi Perry

I am absolutely in love with my eyebrows! Bren is a super talented professional, and has such a cute studio! Im very impressed and cant wait to go back for my eyeliner!
Rebecca Rendon

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