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I am a double certified permanent makeup artist and have been practicing for 17 years, I call my business “Painted Lady Pigments.” I love makeup and how it can enhance our natural beauty! However, I do not like to have to apply it daily. I prefer the “I woke up beautiful look” which is a more fresh and natural look.

I do not like to have to draw my brows on and try to make them match daily, I do not like to mess around with lipsticks, I also hate coating black mascara on my lashes for definition and I think most anyone would agree. So permanent make up is where I come into play. My favorite thing to do is called a “Powder Brow” also known as “microshading.” This technique can be used on all skin types and creates a soft pixelated look simulating the appearance of a soft powder filled brow.

Microshading can also be used on the lips, I call this “lip Blush” which is a permanent lip tint that provides a natural looking tint of color for that “just bitten look”. Another cool thing I’m doing is called “freckling.” This is semi-permanent freckles on the face. They look super fresh! I also offer eyelash extensions to complete the fresh face look.

These last for up to 3 weeks and change the makeup game. Since I have started wearing them myself I barely use conventional makeup at all! I love to create brows, lips and lashes on others and share this joy of freedom from daily makeup applications which has absolutely changed my world.


Well shaped brows are in! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to draw on the same shape everyday! I have the best solution for you. maintenance-free, beautiful brows!


This is a treatment that involves tattooing a light black line of pigment across the lash-line. It’s a more subtle version of an eyeliner tattoo with a more natural finish.


Lip color is meant to enhance and define your lips. Part of the process is to outline the border of the lips, it does help to give the appearance that they are fuller.

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